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Employment Process Frequently Asked Questions

You must apply to the specific job opening(s) for which you are interested. This must be completed online through the applicant tracking system. Only applicants who apply online through the applicant tracking system will be considered for employment.

Only applications and/or resumes submitted through the online applicant tracking system will be considered for employment. Unsolicited applications/resumes for unspecified positions are not accepted.

Notify the hiring department or the Division of Human Resources prior to the application close/review date if you need assistance with the application process.  The Division of Human Resources has computers onsite to assist applicants without computers. A staffing specialist can also schedule an appointment to meet with you if needed. 

Computers are available in the Division of Human Resources. Most local libraries also have computer access for people who need to complete the online application. The Virginia Employment Commission or other similar state workforce center will also have computer access for folks who need it.

A Close Date means that the advertisement will no longer be available on the job site and no one will be able to apply after the close date. A Review Date means that the hiring department will start screening applications on this date and preparing for the interview process. If a viable candidate is found during the initial review, applications submitted after the review date may not be considered.

Only apply for jobs for which you believe you are qualified. All jobs have a minimum qualification section in the advertisement. You should make sure that you meet these qualifications.  Applying for multiple jobs will not improve your chances of being hired. Interviews are received based on prior demonstrated experience and/or education required for each specific position.

To create an online application, go to the applicant tracking system and search for a position that interests you. Follow the online steps to create your application.

Yes. For example, you can copy and paste the information from a Word document directly into the appropriate fields in the application form.  Some formatted objects such as • or ○ may not format properly in the online version, so we strongly recommend you review your application for edits that you may need to make before submitting.

To update your application, go to the applicant tracking system that you applied to. Then click “Login”. After logging in, manage yoru applications and edit as appropriate. Follow the online directions as you move through the site. If you want to update your application before applying to a job, you must edit before clicking “Apply Now”. Once you have applied to the job posting, you cannot edit your application.

Yes. The applicant tracking system allows you to attach a resume and/or other documents at a specific step in the application process. You should have your resume and any other documents ready before starting the application process so you can attach the document when asked. The system does limit the file size of the document attached but this should not affect most submissions.

Yes. Once the application is saved it will be available for you to use multiple times; however, applicants are strongly encouraged to update their applications as needed. You may also want to edit your application each time you apply so that you can design the application specifically to the requirements of the job. If you want to update your application before applying to a job, you must edit before clicking “Apply Now”. Once you have applied to the job posting, you cannot edit your application.

No. Once you submit your application materials your documents are locked and cannot be edited. The screening process may begin immediately once you submit materials; therefore, you cannot go in and edit information after applying. This is to ensure that everyone in the screening process is evaluating the same information that you have submitted.

Some jobs are filled quickly while others may take a few months. Many factors go into creating a timeline such as availability of the search committee members, applicant schedules, and room availability. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. Those who do not receive an interview will be notified once the position has been filled. 

The university receives over 25,000 applications per year so we cannot communicate with every applicant. Those selected for an interview will hear from the hiring department. 

The hiring department, along with a staffing specialist from the Division of Human Resources, will review applicants and screen the application/resume against the minimum and preferred qualifications listed in the job posting. For faculty positions, the search committee members will review resumes and determine who is recommended for interview.

No. Only the most qualified applicants will be referred for interviews. It is very important that your application reflect your education, training and experience. The university typically receives over 25,000 applications each year from around the world. You must make sure that your application materials are appropriate and competitive for the position for which you are applying.

No. Only the most competitive applicants will be interviewed for a job. Each applicant pool is different, so you may be extremely competitive in one applicant pool but not another for the same job type because of different applicants in the different pools.

The type of interview will depend on the hiring manager. Some departments may do phone interviews first, while others may invite the finalists in for a face to face interview. Some interviews may be 30 minutes in length, while others may take multiple days. Some departments use panel interviews, while other departments may use a series of individual interviews.

You can view your status online by logging into your online account and clicking “Returning User – Login” at the top right sidebar. If you feel you need to make contact with the hiring manager or the department, use good judgment in determining the way you contact and the number of times you follow up. “In Process” means that the search is still underway and no offer has been accepted. “Job Filled” means that an applicant has been chosen and hired.

More information for new employees is available online.

Most student jobs are filled directly through the hiring department and not through the Division of Human Resources. Some departments will advertise student jobs on their own websites (Residential and Dining, Student Union, Library, etc.). Other departments may advertise through flyers or other postings. In most instances, you may apply directly with the department. Interviews and hiring decisions are made by the hiring department. Very few student positions are advertised or filled through the Division of Human Resources.

Yes. If you receive the approval from your academic associate dean to work more than 20 hours per week, meet the minimum qualifications as stated in the job advertisement, and you can work the scheduled hours. Most full-time staff positions require you to work 40 hours per week from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. The staff and wage jobs advertised through the Division of Human Resources will not usually fit into a student’s academic schedule.

Yes. Full-time students have to receive special permission from their academic associate dean to work more than 20 hours per week. Some departments have set limits on the hours a full-time student can work. International students are limited to working a maximum of 20 hours per week.

No. Only Virginia Tech students are eligible for Virginia Tech Student Jobs; however, you may apply to other Virginia Tech jobs if you can work the required schedule.

For additional questions, contact the HR Service Center at or 540-231-9331.

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